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Solve common electric gate problems with these pointers

Electric gates offer tonnes of benefits for your home or establishment. With the many types of electric gates on the market today, ranging from the sliding gates to the double swing gates, you will definitely find one that guarantees that the safety and security of your family or employees.

However, just because you have electric gates doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows. There are also common problems associated with electric gates and getting the help of a reliable gate installer is your ticket to success in resolving them.

Here are problems that you might encounter when using an electric gate:

Loud grinding noise

It’s not always clear why electric gates emit a loud grinding noise, but in many cases, it is caused by a worn-out mechanism. You can resolve this issue by taking the mechanism apart and reassembling it or simply replacing it with a new part.

You can also call reliable installers of electric gates Midlands has today to have the problem checked and resolved.

Power outage

While electric gates offer tonnes of advantages for your home’s security, they will be deemed worthless during a power failure. For an automatic gate to be effective, it needs a consistent source of power. And, power failures or interruptions may damage the mechanism. Have a look at magtecelectricgates.co.uk

There is also a huge probability of a blown fuse. If this happens, simply put the blown fuse switch back in place and test if the gate keeps working as intended.

Beware of burglars during power outage, as they would take advantage of such a situation. That is why constant monitoring is still important to ensure the safety of your family or workers.

Electric gates not opening or closing

Some gates have sensors, such as the automatic commercial gates Leicester currently offers, and sometimes, these gates refuse to open as you pass. To solve such an issue, make sure that no plants are in the way that could possibly block the sensors.

Another thing to remember is to keep the tracks of your sliding gate clean. Frequent sweeping around the gate may solve this problem. You may need to trim branches near the gate to ensure they are not blocking the gate’s sensors.

The presence of bugs and other pests

There are little creatures that may take up residence in the gate’s sensors or its control boxes. Regular checking of your boxes and sensors ensure that the vital components of your gate is not temporarily disabled or permanently damaged by these pests.

Whenever you encounter problems like this, immediately call your trusted electric gates Northampton experts to quickly resolve this issue. These common problems are addressed if you choose a gate installation company that are known for their quality services and superb products.

The quality of your electric gates depends on how they are installed and what type of product is used. It is best if you ask recommendations from your friends of family for the best gate installation company that they trust.

Or, you can entirely ditch the headache of looking for a gate installation company by visiting http://www.magtecelectricgates.co.uk/

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