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What to consider when looking for a QUT on campus accommodation

Going into college in Queensland and living in a QUT on campus accommodation can be tough. It would even be more challenging to live on your own or with other students particularly if you grow up in a close-knit family.

Living in a QUT apartment is thought as challenging for numerous freshmen students these days. With adequate preparation, though, discovering a QUT on campus accommodation and really making it feel like home will be a breeze.

Below are a couple of concepts to assist you to change your apartment into a quaint little nook:

  1. Transform your room with warm light

You can also use fairy lights to have a cosy apartment. You don’t have to make any significant changes to your room. You can transform the space with just a few fairy lights, and your room will definitely look posh. Your South Bank student accommodation will really feel like a cosy little sanctuary in no time.

  1. Play around with a few coats of paint

If you have a dynamic character but your apartment comes in pale tones, ask the owner if you can paint the front door of your apartment. While it’s not a crime to use bold colours, you don’t want the room to appear crowded.

  1. Select pieces that remind you of your home

Your stay in a campus accommodation will be less challenging if you pick pieces that resemble your bedroom at home. Bring some furnishings from your home if you can, like your favourite bed mattress or a few embroidered products your mum made. This will make you feel closer to home even if you live far away and help you fight homesickness. Take a look at Student One

  1. Be smart with your storage

There are storage bins that you can conceal under the bed, and sometimes, you can get them at bargain prices from the dollar store. Put your old clothes in a bin and tuck them away or donate them to charities. You can likewise tuck those extra sheets, drapes, and pillowcases in those bins and pull them out when you require them.

  1. Decorate your interior and exterior with plants

If your QUT on campus accommodation landlord has put no restrictions, you can embellish your interior with indoor plants. You can also put some plants in your veranda if you have one or a few greens outside your doorstep.

If you have not discovered a student apartment yet, you can stay in a premier student accommodation building for the meantime. This will provide you with the opportunity to stroll around the area during the first week. This will also give you a chance to find someone you can share a room with.

Part of your growing-up experience is learning to live on your own no matter how challenging the journey may seem. This will teach you to be more independent and learn to team up with others. If you are trying to find a university accommodation, go to a student accommodation website, like, for information that you can use.

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