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What to know when adding gate openers

Anyone who wants optimal convenience in their property can benefit from gate openers. However, most buyers are often stuck on the installation method: which is better, hiring installation professionals or buying DIY double swing gate kits?

double swing gate kits

This post will give you the necessary information that will help you determine your preferred installation method.

What is a gate opener?

If you own an existing wooden or metal gate, you can add a gate opener to automate it. By adding a motor and a receiver, you can control your gate using a remote control, remote fob, or access control system (ACS), depending on the style you have. Each type of gate—sliding, single swing, or double swing—has its own specific automation kit, such as double swing gate kits.

Types of openers

  • Electric dual gate opener – This opener haa a minimal swing distance, but it has double operating systems. On top of that, its interface can also cater to master and slave mechanisms. You can invest in this opener if your gate is small.
  • Single or double swing gate opener – Swing gate openers are uncomplicated and classy. In the gate openers market, you can observe that they’re the cheapest types of opener. Swing gates automation is ideal if you have a large property.
  • Automatic sliding gate opener – Having a modern look and uncomplicated mechanism, the sliding gate opener will help you save space. As a result, you’ll have more efficiency, especially if your property experiences high foot traffic, but has limited space.

The best option to install a gate opener

You can either hire experts or buy double swing gate kits, for instance, to modify your own existing gate. Between the two, the former is a safer option, especially if you’re starting from scratch. That means you’re building a new gate and integrating an electric gate motor to automate it.

On the other hand, if you’re only adding an opener to an existing gate, both options will do just fine. Just make sure that you can prepare the necessary materials and plan if you’re going DIY. For instance, you must consider the space around the gate and its type (if it’s single swing or double swing) and the gateposts, if you don’t have existing ones.

What to look for in automatic gate opener kits

1 – Additional security features

2 – Adequate speed and traction

3 – Intelligible manual instruction

4 – More than two years’ worth of warranty

5 – Transmitter with a reasonable to high range

6 – High-quality motor material and accessories

7 – Parts (hinges, rollers, etc.) that don’t corrode easily

8 – Emergency release (for power outages)

9 – Water-resistant surface (this is crucial if you live nearby the beach)


You can take a chance in adding DIY gate openers if you can’t afford an installation service for now. However, it won’t hurt to reflect for a while and consider a professional installation. This way, you can sleep soundly, knowing that your gate doesn’t violate any safety regulations in your locality. The good news is that there are providers who sell the best but cheap electric gate openers and offer installation services to their clients.

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